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Say NO to Mental Fitness. Hurray to the Brain Spa!

Sorry, what we mean to say is,

“Say NeurOptimal (NO) to Mental Fitness” and a healthier brain.

Just as we exercise our body and the exercise will naturally translate to a healthier body, when we exercise our brain our brain will naturally know how to use the exercise to stay fit and function optimally.

We looked into NeurOptimal and felt that its exercise regime for the brain has real potential to make the brain function better.

NeurOptimal is a brain exercise machine, and quite importantly, it is not a medical treatment nor a therapy – no doctors or diagnosis involved. Anyone (without a fever) can sit for a session.

Research has shown positive results in :

  • Increased sobriety in Addictions
  • Improved Depression-Anxiety coping capability with less need for drugs
  • Better focus from children with ADHD
  • Relief from PTSD and childhood trauma
  • Achieving regular Sleep pattern
  • Faster recovery from Brain Injury


We like the fact that all one needs to do is listen to music at each 45 minute session – while reading, surfing or taking a nap.

Commonly reported benefits include :

  • Feeling Happy
  • Calmness and Balance in Life
  • Improved appetite and food appreciation
  • Sharper and more focused memory
  • Deeper, more refreshing sleep

The brain will naturally do the strengthening or regenerative work for you – it’s elementary!

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